Grace Street Theater, Richmond
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It is assumed that all audience members will be respectful and cooperative with the speaker, presenting a friendly environment for their presentations. Additionally, audience members should provide a comfortable atmosphere for other attendees, by neglecting to make any distractions, disturbances, etc. If guests bring prohibited items, are wearing obscene or indecent clothing, are using foul or abusive language/gestures, appear intoxicated, or interfere with the event procedure, then items may be confiscated or attendees may be asked to leave the event.

Furthermore, Grace Street Theater is a Smoke-Free facility with no smoking areas. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building. Lastly, audience members may feel free to bring: service animals or service dogs in training for guests with disabilities, cellphones (on silent or vibrate mode), cameras (without the flash), prescription medicine, and/or water. We will not restrict the usage of electronic devices but we ask that you respect the speaker and audience members around you. We will allow moments between each speaker’s talk to allow for you to publish your thoughts on social media.


Prohibited Items

-Alcoholic Beverages

-Animals (refer to rules)


-Banners and Signs

-Cameras and Video Equipment that will obstruct others’ view (refer to rules)

-Coolers, Bottles, Cans

-Food or Beverages inside the venue

-Illegal Drugs

-Laser Pointers

-Noisemakers (airhorns, whistles, etc.)


-Wrapped Packages

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